Sisu is a comprehensive SIS system catering to the needs of the teachers, the students and the personnel. We have a client-centred approach and we are trailblazers in this field. We decided to re-think the entire concept of university-level studying when we developed this system. Sisu is in productive use throughout our entire clientele.


Sisu is at the Heart of Education

Sisu is more than a Student Information System (SIS). It’s an up-to-date core system for teaching and studies. Sisu is not only a digital foundation for learning, but a Finnish concept of determination and tenacity.

Support for higher education students, teachers and staff

The focus is on study planning. Sisu provides a modernised user experience especially for students as it supports them through the entire cycle of studies. Students can register for courses and plan and schedule their studies throughout the entire time allotted for the completion of the degree.

The teaching staff will find Sisu helpful in planning the teaching and offering tools for evaluation. Tutoring functionalities help in creating a contact between the tutor and the student.

With Sisu university personnel can maintain a personal data record with grades and e.g. study programmes, degree programmes, study modules, rights to study and implementations of teaching. Sisu enables including online teaching seamlessly as a means of studying while providing an alternative to traditional methods. In addition, the system offers a flexible opportunity to study and take courses in different universities.

A SaaS service

Sisu is delivered as a SaaS service. This means that there is no need for the client to worry about infrastructure, capacity or security updates. Centralised operation and monitoring reduces costs.  For example, providing support from one location enables simultaneous detection, mitigation and triage of capacity related issues for every customer simultaneously. We are there for the client and offer a broad variety of support options for the onboarding of the system.

Sisu has import and export interfaces designed especially for working with huge masses of data. In addition, we provide a structured GraphQL interface to bring you the benefits of real-time data. Life cycle thinking and being prepared for the future – these are the cornerstones of developing Sisu.

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