UniHow is a digital reflection and feedback system based on national and international scientific research in university pedagogy. UniHow products are used for conducting teaching surveys for student groups or teachers. This valuable data can then be used for the development of teaching. UniHow can be used to provide individual feedback based on the survey. This encourages the respondent and helps them develop their studying or teaching.



UniHow products analyse the survey responses automatically and process the data into reports based on the participant group. These reports can be used for the development of teaching. UniHow can be integrated with the student information systems offering an opportunity to include also other academic success indicators.

UniHow provides a wide variety of benefits. Students are able to receive individual support and help with their studies. Teachers receive information about their students on a group level and can take into account diverse study processes when planning the teaching. The university receives easily readable reports about the students on a group level. UniHow can be used also for closer examination of student profiles, academic success and students’ experience regarding the academic quality. The system offers also a possibility to analyse differences in the development of teaching between different disciplines.

HowULearn is the main product in the UniHow product family and its principle acts as a basis for all of the other UniHow products. In a HowULearn questionnaire the student answers statements concerning their own experiences and opinions on university studies and teaching.

HowUStudy is a feedback and reflection tool for study modules and it can be used also during teaching.

HowULearnPhD is for postgraduate students and those preparing their doctoral theses. Survey topics include research processes, challenges in gathering data and study fatigue.

HowUTeach is a self-assessment tool for university-level teachers. The teachers can develop their teaching by using the data the survey provides about teaching methods, study objectives and work fatigue.

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