About us

Funidata offers universities studying and teaching services that are continuously developed and improved. We act as a strategic partner for our client community in building, development and maintenance of environments and services that cater to the needs of studying and teaching.


Human centricity

Funidata enables a uniform quality user experience for both the students and the teaching staff. With the help of our company our clients are better prepared and able to react flexibly, swiftly and cost-effectively to the development needs of shared services. We provide up-to-date SaaS model service solutions. The service model guarantees solid operating environments and uniform continuous development of the systems.

Working together with a client is something we feel deeply about. A customer-oriented business model is part of our strategy and part of the practical implementation. We want to make sure we hear all sides and get the perspective of the students, the teaching staff and the administrative staff. This is an ongoing dialogue we keep alive using different channels and forums.

Funidata is a tight-knit community where all opinions are heard. We are close with our stakeholders, too. They are like close relatives we respect, listen to and meet regularly. Our staff, the entire Funidata family, consists of professionals in the study sector and in the fields of software development and interface design. Life cycle thinking and quality control are the cornerstones of our development principles.

Values are something we discuss often. This, too, is part of the agile development model we have learned to trust: even values that have been proven to be good can be brought up for discussion and be moulded, and even changed, if considered necessary. Values act as tools in our everyday operations and provide a compass that guides each member of the Funidata family in their decisions, choices and priorities.