Liity joukkoon

This is Tiia. She works with Sisu’s development and sees herself as a CSS god.


Career Stories

TIIA VALTONEN, FRONT-END DEVELOPER: ”What I enjoy most working at Funidata is the relaxed atmosphere and diverse assignment.”


What do you do at Funidata?

I started in Funidata in March 2017 and I work with Sisu. My job includes taking care of the system interface and the coherence of the visual aspects. This is mainly going through new interface images with UX designers and project execution according to the chosen images.

What do you find challenging in your job? And what is rewarding?

The most challenging thing is ensuring maximum usability of the system. Achieving a cohesive style in a system as large as this is can sometimes be challenging. What I find most rewarding about my work is getting to create a very visual and beautiful student information system that is hopefully enjoyable for the users, too.

Why did you apply for a job at Funidata?

The job description was something I had always dreamt about. The reality was even better as I get to concentrate on things I am good at, yet, this work also offers opportunities for me to expand my skills and learn something new.

What’s best at Funidata?

The best thing at Funidata is the relaxed atmosphere and diverse assignments. I have the opportunity for continuous development and great benefits make this job interesting and keep me motivated.

Describe some of the best things in your work?

I get to do what I like and I get to be independent and go about my work as I see fit. I am a perfectionist so you can imagine that finding flaws in a system truly is a dream job for me. I get to strive for perfection until I’m satisfied with the results.

What’s the best way to unwind after work?

Our two o’clock coffee break has become a tradition. It gets unhinged and fun around here and we hardly ever talk about work which makes the break ideal for freeing your mind from complex chain of thought. At home I can unwind by watching a good movie or a series.